Affordable french bulldog puppies

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What is the History of affordable french bulldog puppies

The French Bulldog, also known as the Bouledogue Franais, is a breed of small companion dog that originated in France. When a number of English bulldogs were introduced to France by local lacemakers and bulldog enthusiasts, it first emerged in Paris in the middle of the nineteenth century. The smaller bulldogs were refined by French breeders into a distinctively French form, and American breeders established the standard that stipulated the crucial bat ears that give the breed its distinguishing appearance. In 1898, the American Kennel Club approved the breed. The French Bulldog’s major function today is still companionship and lapdog, as it was intended when it was first bred.

What is the Temperament of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are generally known for their playful, affectionate and loving temperament. They are also known to be sociable, adaptable, and easy-going. They can be stubborn at times but with proper training and socialization, they can be well-behaved companion dogs. They are also known to be good with children and other pets.

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affordable french bulldog puppies